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Integrity: When using parts or the whole scripts from any of the Puppet Script sites, please give a reference and link to that script page.  Please do not post the script on your page as your work if it is not. 

Please Read Sections on "JOIN" and "REQUIREMENTS"  
Before Signing Up So That You Understand What Christian Puppet Scripts Is About. 

1. What is Christian Puppet Scripts
2. Who Can Join
3. What Is Required On My Part
4. Sign Up 
5. Edit Your Site Information 
6. Christian Puppet Script Members List 
7. Check Us Out ... Louise Ferry ... Pastor Art 


What Is Christian Puppet Scripts?

It is a webring that lends itself to the realm of puppet script writing, presentation, teaching and proclaiming the Bible, the Living Word of God. It strives to help the puppeteer, teacher, to better communicate the Word, be it through writing puppet scripts, outlines, teaching materials, puppeteering, etc, that lend themselves to to the call of God.

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Who Can Join Christian Puppet Scripts?

Anyone who meets the following criteria may join . . .  

1. You are a Christian ... a born again believer in Jesus Christ. 
2. You are a youth worker, Youth Pastor, Puppeteer, Children's Minister, Pastor, or in a ministry related position. 
3. Your web site has material pertaining to puppets, puppet scripts, puppeteering, , ... that are Bible based.  
9. Your site is approved by the Christian Puppet Script Review Committee. 

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What Are the Requirements?

You are "required" to display the HTML Christian Puppet Script table code (see table above) on the site you register. The HTML code is necessary for the ring to function properly. Without the code on your page the ring is broken. All sites are required to display the code with no exceptions.  

If your site is entered into the Christian Puppet Script Ring, you will receive by email the code and graphic.  

Do not copy the above code ... it is a dead site. 

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Sign Up for Christian Puppet Scripts


Before being added to the script ring your site will be reviewed by the Christian Puppet Script Review Committee. In other words your site is not automatically placed in the ring.  

"We Reserve the Right Not to Add and to Remove a Site 
If it is Reviewed to be Unacceptable."

If your site is placed in the ring you will receive an email with the HTML Codes along with the graphic for placing on your web page. You do not need to copy the code it will be sent to you. 

By signing up you are stating you agree with the criteria and are willing to display the Christian Puppet Script HTML code. 

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Edit Your Site Information 

To edit your site information you will need ... 

Ring ID: puppetscripts 

Site ID: your site #  ( Forget it? Email Louise or look on the Christian Puppet Script List ) 

Password: your personal password ( Forget it? Click on Webring Magagement and follow instructions. ) 

With that information click below ... and look for "For Ring Members" 

WebRing Management 

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