F.R.A.N. Continue to invite your Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors to visit your church. The idea is that you get them here and that we all pray that the Holy Spirit will impress upon them the need to join with us. We have a great church and I hope you are all proud of it and can feel good about inviting those within the circle of your influence. --Art
people of the church

Doug Shetterly------------------------Moderator
Leon Slabaugh--------------------Vice Moderator
Terri LeQuia-------------------------------Clerk
Virginia (Ginny) Bartels--------------Treasurer
Ruth Ball--------------------Financial Secretary

Dr. Joe Hooker----------------------Youth Minister

Secretaries: Phyllis Dame and Ruth Ball
Custodian: Connie Hooker

Tom Stump-------------------------Chair of Diaconate Board
Bill Barnhart Sr.--------------------Chair of Trustee Board
Joe Hooker-------Chair of Board of Christian Education
Peggy Stone-----------------------------Sunday School Supt.
Louise Ferry-----------------Assistant Sunday School Supt.
John Stone----------------------------------------Song Leader
Margaret Farrington-----------------------------------Organist
Virginia Davis----------------------------------Choir Director
Pat Gilliland------------------Coordinator of Special Music
Christie Stone--------------------------------V.B.S. Director

Pat Gilliland
Coordinator of Special Music

Ruth Ball
Church & Financial Secretary

Virginia Davis
Choir Director

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