By Louise Ferry

G-PA: Why, Bernie, what are you doing here? I was expecting Butch.

BERNIE: Well, Grandpa, Butch went over to his other grandpa's for a while and he told me to take care of you while he was gone.

G-PA: That young whippersnapper. Just when I needed to talk over something with him.

BERNIE: Tell me, Gramps. I'm pretty smart (pause) for a dog. You know what they say about dogs don't you?

G-PA: Bernie, I know a lot about dogs but what in tarnation are you talking about?

BERNIE: Well, they say "Cold nose, smart heart."

G-PA I think you're a little mixed up there, Bernie. Did you eat the cat's food again? But speaking of hearts, that reminds me of what I wanted to talk to Butch about, Anniversaries. What in the world can I get Grandma? After all, we've been hitched for over 50 years and I've given her everything that there is to give.

BERNIE: What about a nice box of chocolates, Gramps?

G-PA: Bernie, Grandma has had one too many chocolates already. Have you seen the size of her apron?

BERNIE: Well, what about some nice flowers? There are some really pretty ones down at the Garrett Greenhouse.

G-PA: Grandma says that flowers make her sneeze and you know how Grandma sneezes. Why, the other day she let loose with a sneeze that blew out the window glass.

BERNIE: Gosh, Gramps, I'm running out of ideas. Wait a minutes! Before Butch left he mentioned something about love. In Sunday School, his teacher said, "Now there is faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love."

G-PA: Dag-nab-it! You've got it. I'll give Grandma a big hug, a bigger kiss and tell her that I love her. God gives us His love and wants us to share it with other people. Bernie, can you find someone to hug?

BERNIE: There's someone right in the front row. Come up here Louise and let's have a hug.

G-PA: Well, Bernie, we'd better let these younguns get going to Children's church. See you next week.

BERNIE: Woof, woof!

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