POSTED March 20, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading Ezekiel 37:1-14
PUPPETS: Butch & Sally

    SALLY: Butch? (Butch is up but acts like he doesn't hear) (Louder) Butch!! (Looks at Butch and yells) Butch! ! !

    BUTCH: Oh, I'm sorry, Sally. You were saying.

    SALLY: Were you asleep or what?

    BUTCH: No, Sally, I was just trying to imagine what the teacher was saying this morning in Sunday School Class.

    SALLY: What was she talking about that got you so upset?

    BUTCH: Well, she had us studying in the book of Ezekiel, the 37th chapter. It was something to do with a valley of dry bones.

    SALLY: A valley of dry bones? What would upset you about a valley of dry bones?

    BUTCH: You see, Sally, they didn't stay dry bones.

    SALLY: What happened, Butch, did it rain?

    BUTCH: No, Sally, God put the bones back together.

    SALLY: Now you are getting spooky.

    BUTCH: You think that is spooky, it didn't stop there.

    SALLY: What do you mean it didn't stop there. You have got all these skeletons and now something else happens.

    BUTCH: Yes, something else happens. God in all His glory puts muscle, and blood vessels, and skin on these skeletons.

    SALLY: Now I can see why you were upset. Where they alive now.

    BUTCH: No, Sally, God breathed the breathe of life into them and made them alive.

    SALLY: Well, at least He gave them life. Nothing like a bunch of people standing around dead.

    BUTCH: Sally, did you ever think about how much like those dead people standing around we use to be.

    SALLY: I see what you mean. Before we got saved we were without the Holy Spirit and God came down at that moment and breathed life into us.

    BUTCH: Yes, we were a valley of dry bones ourselves one day. Hey, boys and girls. Are you in the valley of dry bones or have you accepted Jesus as your Savior and now you are really alive. God breathed life into you. Think about it. Bye everyone.

    SALLY: Hummm. Dry bones to life by the breath of God. Dry bones to life by the Holy Spirit. Bye.

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