POSTED April 19, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading 1 Peter 1:17-23
PUPPETS: Mom & Sally

    SALLY: (grumbling) Well!!! Someone must have decided we shouldn't eat junk food.

    MOM: How's that, Sally?

    SALLY: They're taking the candy and pop machines out of the cafeteria. Now what are we supposed to do if we want something to eat between classes?

    MOM: Won't they put something in their place?

    SALLY: Well, yeah, Apples, raisins, milk and juice.

    MOM: Good. Those are better foods to eat. After all, food affects your health.

    SALLY: Really. How's that?

    MOM: Do you know there's a Brazilian parrot that changes color, depending on what kind of fish it eats?

    SALLY: (laughing) If I eat candy, will I change color? Where do you come up with all these odd facts?

    MOM: I learned that when I was in nurses' training. We were taught that we are what we eat.

    SALLY: I suppose I'm going to turn into a Milky Way.

    MOM: Sally, did you know that this applies to the mind as well as the physical body?

    SALLY: I suppose you are going to tell me that this applies to TV also? Is TV junk food?

    MOM: Suppose you didn't have TV, then what would you do instead of plopping yourself in front of the TV each night?

    SALLY: (thinking) I don't know. Call a friend. Read a book. (laughing) Maybe do some homework!

    MOM: I think that would be considered good food, like apples, raisins, and juices. Now, let's see. You need some meat in your diet, too. What do you think that might be?

    SALLY: (promptly) Bible reading and maybe attending Church and Sunday School.

    MOM: Good, Sally. Let's both work on improving our diets. You can start by have some milk and crackers while you memorize your verse for Sunday School.

    SALLY: Boys and girls, how's your diet? Are there some mental and spiritual junk foods you need to get rid of, -- like books and TV programs which use bad language or have ungodly characters and dirty jokes.

    MOM: Are there healthy foods you need to add -- like daily devotions and faithful attendance at church?

    SALLY: Follow a spiritual diet that is pleasing to the Lord. Bye everyone. (puppets down)

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