POSTED April 19, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading 1 Peter 1:3-9
PUPPETS: Butch & Dad

    DAD: Butch, what's been wrong with you lately?

    BUTCH: It's Aunt Katie. I miss her so much.

    DAD: I know, Butch, it must be rough.

    BUTCH: It is rough. The cancer came so quick and took her.

    DAD: But, I remember she spoke with you before she died.

    BUTCH: I don't like that word.

    DAD: What word is that, Butch.

    BUTCH: Died.

    DAD: Don't you remember how Aunt Katie was. How happy she was that she was going to see Jesus?

    BUTCH: How could she be so happy?

    DAD: Remember, she told you not to be afraid to use the word die around her. That she was going to a place where there is no pain. She even said she was glad she was going to heaven and said that one day you would be joining her.

    BUTCH: All I remember is the hours we sit in the funeral home and have all kinds of relatives and friends come in to pay their respect. At first I didn't think I could stand it. All I wanted to do was go somewhere and cry my eyes out.

    DAD: Yes and then you started to remember some of the things Aunt Katie said, especially about going to heaven.

    BUTCH: I also started to remember the many happy times we had together.

    DAD: You and her sure did have a good time together. Many happy times.

    BUTCH: Yes, Aunt Katie and I really had a great time together. I'm not happy that she's gone, but still, I do feel a certain kind of joy. I know Aunt Katie is at home with Jesus.

    DAD: She sure is.

    BUTCH: I know she is in no more pain and I know she is joyful right now. But you know what, even though I miss her, I know I'll see her again when I go to heaven, too.

    DAD: How about you? Do you feel joy in your heart today, even when things go wrong? Real joy is found in Jesus. See you. Bye everyone. (puppets down)

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