POSTED June 12, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading Psalm 100
PUPPETS: Butch & Sally

    BUTCH: (pretending to sing) Da, de da da, de da da. We are going to ....

    SALLY: Where in the world did you learn that?

    BUTCH: Oh, it's on the latest album by the Mid Knight Witches, I bought it yesterday.

    SALLY: But you're a Christian!

    BUTCH: So? The Bible doesn't say you can't listen to Mid Knight Witches' songs. Besides that, I don't pay attention to the words.

    SALLY: You must pay some attention to them. You just got the record yesterday, but you already know some of the words.

    BUTCH: So?

    SALLY: Listen to what you're singing -- "I'm going to steal you, kill you, chill you." Those words sound awful brutal.

    BUTCH: Oh, they don't mean anything.

    SALLY: They don't. My dad was talking last night about the Mid Knight Witches.

    BUTCH: And what did he say?

    SALLY: Well, the paper quoted the lead singer as saying he enjoyed the power the group had over young people's mings. He also said that violence was one of their major themes.

    BUTCH: But the Bible still doesn't say anything about listening to the Mid Knight Witches.

    SALLY: But it does. The Lord tells us to make a joyful noise, and the Mid Knight Witches album certainly isn't joyful.

    BUTCH: Well, there anything else. You can't make a rule out of one verse.

    SALLY: Oh, but you can. But just to show you, It also says to make melody in our heart to the Lord.

    BUTCH: Maybe I'd better get rid of my Mid Knight Witches album.

    SALLY: How about you boys and girls. What kind of music do you listen to. Do you think rock music is OK because you don't pay attention to the words? Be careful. Often the words in rock songs are not pleasing to the Lord. There are many good songs that are fun to sing. Listen to the right kind of music.

    BUTCH: Be like me and make a change. Bye boys and girls.

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