POSTED June 12, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading ----
PUPPETS: Grandpa & Bernie (dog)

    BERNIE: Say, Grandpa, what's all the fuss, noise, and confusion?

    G-PA: Why, haven't you heard? It's grad-gee-ation time.

    BERNIE: What's that mean, Grandpa?

    G-PA: Well, you see, all the kids that have made it thru the 12th grade or thru college are called seniors, get to have a big party at school called a grad-gee-ation.

    BERNIE: Gee whiz, they didn't even ask me to go. (Bernie cries) (sniffling) I guess I know who's important around here.

    G-PA: Now, now. You are still very important to our whole family but this party is for the kids and their proud-parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and on and on and on.

    BERNIE: Oh, I see. This grad-gee-ation party is like the first day of the rest of their lives. I think I heard somewhere that they get diplomats, and wear funny hats and bathrobes.

    G-PA: Something like that. But when you said that grad-gee-ation was the first day of the rest of their lives, it reminded me of salvation.

    BERNIE: Salvation? Isn't that when somebody accepts Jesus Christ as his or her Savior and Lord, believes that He died for them and confesses with their mouths that they are sinners?

    G-PA: Well, dagnabit, you've go the plan of salvation down right to the tee. And when a person receives salvation, they are beginning the first day of the rest of their spiritual lives. It's so simple. You don't even have to wear funny hats and bathrobes.

    BERNIE: Gramps, I really want to thank you for explaining grad-gee-ation, most of all, for explaining salvation to all my friends here today.

    G-PA: Well, we'd better go. We've got lots of things to get done before this here grad-gee-ation happens. By the way, we've got 3 grad-gee-ates right in this here church. Two are grad-gee-ating from high school and one from college. How about them standing up right now so we can tell them how proud we are of them. (Applause) See you soon boys and girls and grad-gee-ates.

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