POSTED June 23, 1999


By Louise Ferry

John 15:9-17
PUPPETS: Butch and Bernie

    BUTCH: Well, Bernie, I brought my friend with me this morning.

    BERNIE: (looking all around) Where is your friend?

    BUTCH: Right here behind me on this ledge.

    BERNIE: There's nothing there. Have you been eating some loco weed?

    BUTCH: No, No. My friend is right on that ledge.

    BERNIE: Folks, I think Butch is hallucinating. There's nothing there but that stupid plant.

    BUTCH: Watch what you say. That stupid plant, as you called it, is my friend.

    BERNIE: Oops! Somebody want to help me get my foot out of my mouth. So that plant is your friend. Sorry I called you stupid. (looking around Bernie says in a low voice) If you want my opinion, I think he's lost it.

    BUTCH: Plants are our friends, aren't they. They take up the carbon dioxide in our air and convert it to oxygen. They give us food to eat and they make our world colorful. We could not live without plants. They are truly our friends.

    BERNIE: I even heard that some people write stories in magazines about talking to their plants. That loco weed grows everywhere.

    BUTCH: Some say that plants grow better when you talk to them.

    BERNIE: I'd sure feel stupid talking to a plant.

    BUTCH: But people also need people to talk to them and show them love. Everybody needs that. That's one reason God has given us the church. This is a place where we can talk not only to God, but also to one another and having fellowship.

    BERNIE: Well, you can talk to your plants if you want to, but for me, I sticking to people. And boy do people give them funny looks when they see they are talking to a dog. Woof, Woof.

    BUTCH: Each of us need to make a friend right here in church, that's what God wants us to do. Well, Louise, see you in a couple of weeks. Have a good train ride.

    BERNIE: Woof, Woof to everybody. And they say I'm stupid. At least I don't talk to dogs. Woof, woof.

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