POSTED March 3, 1998, 5:00 p.m.


By Louise Ferry
"FORGOTTEN SCHEDULES" ~~ Ecc. 1:8-11 NIV ~~ Butch & Grandpa

BUTCH: Grandpa, I'm sick of being ordered around! Somebody's always tellin' me it's time to get up, time to catch the bus, time for the bell. Just once I'd like to do what I want to do, when I want to do it!

GRANDPA: Suppose there were no rules or schedules, Butch?

BUTCH: That would be great!

GRANDPA: I'm not so sure. Just for fun though, let's imagine we woke one morning and everyone could do anything they wanted. What would you do?

BUTCH: I'd spend the day at the Indianapolis Zoo.

GRANDPA: How would you get there?

BUTCH: You would take me.

GRANDPA: Well, maybe. But remember, I don't have to do anything I don't want to do.

BUTCH: Aw, you want to go to the zoo.

GRANDPA: Okay, so we get in the car and start to the zoo. I'm not sure we'd get there. There are no rules, remember? Everyone drives exactly like he wants to--that is, until he runs into someone.

BUTCH: Well, we couldn't do away with traffic laws. We'll just get rid of all the other rules.

GRANDPA: So we keep the traffic laws. We arrive at the zoo, but we can't get in.

BUTCH: Why not?

GRANDPA: No schedules, so the gate attendant decided to sleep late.

BUTCH: If we didn't have rules and schedules, we'd just have confusion, wouldn't we?

GRANDPA: Right! When God created this world, He organized everything. The universe is run by laws and on a schedule. Even the sun has a schedule to keep. Now, my schedule it is time for Children's Church.

BUTCH: Guess all schedules aren't bad. See you next week.

LOUISE: (Louise closes, using something like this---Do you often complain about having to do things on schedule? Would you rather put things off? Working with family and friends in an organized way makes life much smoother. Make up your mind to get "on schedule" and stay there)

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