POSTED July 17, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Psalm 139:1-5, 23-24
PUPPETS: Sally & Mom

    SALLY: Boy, Mom, yesterday was a very unusal day.

    MOM: In what respect do you mean, Sally?

    SALLY: I remember while we were shopping that I was having fund with you, kidding you about the cereal we might buy. I held up a cereal that was loaded with sugar and threatened to buy it. You reminded me that it was not good for us.

    MOM: You also remember what I said, "You are what you eat".

    SALLY: I also remember that we were listening to the weather on radio yesterday.

    MOM: That's right. And if my memory is correct there was a musical program that came on after the weather.

    SALLY: Yes that's right. I was humming the music when you turned it off.

    MOM: Do you remember why I turned it off?

    SALLY: You said the music, or yet better, the words to the music was something I should not be listening to. But the tune was neat. I don't listen to the words.

    MOM: You said you could ignore the words. Yet, you remembered the words to another song even though you were trying to ignore it.
    SALLY: You said that, "listening to that kind of music is like eating food that isn't good for us. Our minds eat up the words whether we pay attention to them or not."

    MOM: You said that when you were over to Edith Ann's listening to the radio while you were busy with something else, you could remember the words though you seldom listen to them. You said they sort of stuck in your mind.

    SALLY: Yes, Mom. I remember you said that "we are what we think about"

    MOM: We should fill our minds with thoughts that are pleasing to God so we'll grow spiritually.

    SALLY: Yes, from now on I'll choose music like I choose breakfast cereal. No more junk food for my mind.

    MOM: How about you, boys and girls? Do you listen to music or anything else that encourages an unchristian way of life? God is pleased when you listen to things that are uplifting and that help you grow spiritually. What you hear gets into your mind whether you are aware of it or not. God sees what's there. Make sure He is pleased when you "become what you think".

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