POSTED July 24, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Romans 8:26-39
PUPPETS: Butch & Sally

    SALLY: Butch, did you hear that Pastor & Louise got a new puppy?

    BUTCH: What happened? Did their dog Charlie die?

    SALLY: No. Charlie is just fine. But he needed a play mate.

    BUTCH: Charlie is such a good dog, how is the puppy doing?

    SALLY: Well, the night they brought him home, B.J. thought he needed to be fed, so he asked Louise if he could give him some of the left over chicken.

    BUTCH: That's nice of B.J. to think about the puppy.

    SALLY: It sure was but Louise told him to make sure all of the bones were taken out. The puppy might get choked on a piece of bone.

    BUTCH: I can just imagine what B.J. did.

    SALLY: Well, you are probably right. He missed a piece of bone and as he was trying to get it back from the puppy, the puppy they call wolf, and the puppy growled and snapped at his hand.

    BUTCH: I bet B.J. was scared.

    SALLY: He sure was. He yelled "Ow! Look at that -- he nipped me! I was only trying to help him." He scolded Wolf telling him "you should know you can trust me! It doesn't make sense."

    BUTCH: You would think the puppy would trust B.J. It doesn't make sense.

    SALLY: No, it doesn't, but you know, Butch, some Christians don't have any more sense than that puppy, Wolf.

    BUTCH: I know. They are afraid to trust God completely because they think He's going to take something they love away from them, or tell them to do something that will make them unhappy.

    SALLY: Yes, they forget that it was God who saved them in the first place by sacrificing His own Son, Jesus.

    BUTCH: You would think that would be enough proof that He only wants what's best for them!

    SALLY: You know, I better trust God just like B.J. wanted Wolf to trust him.

    BUTCH: How about you, boys and girls? Are you a Christian, but afraid to trust God with your daily life.

    SALLY: Don't be, boys and girls. Remember, God sent His own Son to save your life. He certainly will not change His mind now and try to make you miserable. Think about that. See you next week. Bye everyone.

    BUTCH: Bye, Sally. Bye boys and girls.

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