POSTED July 30, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Isaiah 55:1-3, 10-11
PUPPETS: Mom & Butch

    MOM: Butch, what was that program you were watching on TV this morning?

    BUTCH: It was a very bad program.

    MOM: If it was that bad, why were you watching it.

    BUTCH: It wasn't that kind of bad. It was a program that showed little children in Africa who had not eaten for 3 to 5 days. Some even a week. They must have had real bad hunger pains.

    MOM: Well, in some cases they may not always feel as hungry as they actually are.

    BUTCH: You have got to be kidding. Not feel hungry?

    MOM: That's right. When you don't eat for a long time, the hungry feelings dull and goes away after a while.

    BUTCH: You mean to tell me that starving people may not feel terribly hungry, even though they desperately need food.

    MOM: That's exactly what I am saying. Do you remember what happened last night.

    BUTCH: Boy, do I. Dad wanted us to share something we've learned from our own personal devotions recently.

    MOM: And what happened, Butch?

    BUTCH: Well, as my luck would have it, Dad called on me first and I had to tell him that I had not been faithful in my devotions recently.

    MOM: And Dad was not too happy about it, was he?

    BUTCH: No he wasn't, and he was even more so with my answer. I told him that the Bible was too hard to understand and that it was downright boring.

    MOM: I could see his neck getting red.

    BUTCH: Why did you bring that up again, anyway?

    MOM: Do you remember the starving children you were talking about?

    BUTCH: Yes.

    MOM: Remember that although they had not eaten for days, they possibly didn't feel hungry. It's the same with the Bible -- if you stop reading faithfully, your hunger for God's teaching will fade, even though you need it more than ever.

    BUTCH: You mean that I will not miss it if I quit reading for long enough?

    MOM: That's right, Butch.

    BUTCH: I guess my hunger has been pretty dull lately. I'll start reading my Bible more. Bye everyone.