POSTED August 13, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Psalm 133
PUPPETS: Butch & Sally

    (Butch appears but Sally stays out of site.)

    BUTCH: This is ridiculous. Who ever thought up this assignment for Sunday school certainly doesn't know Sally. I have to write down 10 reasons why I like my sister and I can't even think of one.

    SALLY: (still out of site says;) Thanks a lot! See if I ever bake cookies for you again!

    BUTCH: Oops! I forgot about them. I'd better write that down.

    SALLY: (Sally appears) How about the time last year when you were sick and I helped you with your homework?

    BUTCH: I'd better write that down.

    SALLY: And how about the times I've played catch with you before a game? Or last week when I let you ride my bike because yours was broken?

    BUTCH: Oh, I'd better write that down.

    SALLY: Or the many other things that I have done for you.

    BUTCH: Boy, am I embarrassed. I had forgotten how nice you really are.

    SALLY: I can't believe I heard you say that!

    BUTCH: Well, I can't really say how sorry I am for not realizing what a nice sister you are.

    SALLY: Well, that calls for a celebration. How about your wonderful sister popping some popcorn?

    BUTCH: I'm really glad we had this assignment, it has helped me appreciate my sister more.

    SALLY: Well, I'm off to make the popcorn. See you everyone. (Sally departs)

    BUTCH: I'd better write that down, "makes good popcorn". How about you boys and girls, do you appreciate the brothers and sisters the Lord has given you? Do you get along with them? The Bible says that you are to help each other in the time of trouble. Bye everybody.