POSTED August 21, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Romans 12:1-8
PUPPETS: Sally & Dad

    SALLY: I'm tired of the Bible Club. I didn't feel like playing during the game time today, but my leader said I had to so I did.

    DAD: Sounds like your heart wasn't really in it.

    SALLY: No it wasn't. Then the other kids on my team got mad at me because they said I wasn't trying hard enough.

    DAD: Well, were you?

    SALLY: Let them try hard if they like it so well. I didn't feel like it.

    DAD: You can't blame them too much if they were unhappy with you.

    SALLY: I'd like to know why.

    DAD: You were part of the team, and a team can't work well unless all the members participate enthusiastically.

    SALLY: But I didn't feel like it.

    DAD: Besides there may have been some new clubbers there -- perhaps even some unsaved kids who were wondering what being a Christian is all about--and your grouchiness is what they saw.

    SALLY: Oh, dad, they didn't need me.

    DAD: I'm sure you may have felt that way.
    SALLY: I sure did.

    DAD: Do you remember last night when Edithann dropped something of yours.

    SALLY: You are sure right there. Edithann broke my alarm clock.

    DAD: I looked at it and it was fine.

    SALLY: FINE! The hour hand was gone. I can't tell time without an hour hand. You know that.

    DAD: Oh, you mean all the parts are important?

    SALLY: Of course!! (pause) You're tricking me!

    DAD: Me trick you?

    SALLY: Yes. I know what you are saying. Just like a clock can't work unless all the parts are working, a team can't work without all the members playing

    DAD: You're exactly right. How about you boys and girls. As a Christian you have a responsibility to be a joyful member of your team. The Lord wants you to work in unity with other Christians. Be a willing participant. Be a testimony by your attitude.