POSTED September 04, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Romans 13:8-14
PUPPETS: Sally & Butch

    SALLY: Butch, you a dad had an interesting conversation last night in the garden.

    BUTCH: I suppose you could say that.

    SALLY: Well, at least it was cool enough to hoe the garden.

    BUTCH: To tell you the truth I never noticed. I was not too happy with myself as I was hoeing.

    SALLY: Was the job that rough?

    BUTCH: No, it wasn't the job. I wasn't too happy with the way I had been acting.

    SALLY: What do you mean. You sing in the church choir and are active in the church youth group and lead devotions when called upon. That's pretty good.

    BUTCH: Yes, it is Butch the Christian around here but it is Butch the Kool Kid at school. There are times I hope they don't find out I'm a Christian.

    SALLY: Butch, I would have never guessed. What happened last night.

    BUTCH: Well, dad told me to hoe deeper and when I did I dug up a toad. It sure looked dead.

    SALLY: It is a wonder that you did not chop it into. Was it dead?

    BUTCH: No. Dad said it was sleepy. He said he was hibernating, that the ground had to warm up a little to wake him up. I could have chopped him into and he would just let me.

    SALLY: Didn't he know the danger?

    BUTCH: Dad said he didn't realize the danger. He said it reminded him of some Christians.

    SALLY: How's that?

    BUTCH: God intended for toads to be cold-blooded. Their blood is always the same as their surroundings. But God didn't intend for His children to be cold-blooded.

    SALLY: I didn't know toads were cold-blooded and that their blood was always the same as their surroundings. That's neat.

    BUTCH: They are controlled by their surroundings but Christians are not to be controlled by their surroundings.

    SALLY: You mean that some Christians act like Christians when they are around Christians but when they are in the world, surrounded by sin, they hibernate.

    BUTCH: The sad thing is that just like the toad they are not aware of the danger. A hibernating Christian is easy prey for the devil.

    SALLY: I see what you mean. Butch the Christian woke up last night and said goodbye to Butch the Kool Kid.

    BUTCH: How about you kids. Is your walk with the Lord controlled by those around you or are you leading a double life. Be a warm blooded, faithful Christian, no matter how cold the world around you is. Wake up and quit hibernating. Bye boys and girls. (exit)