POSTED September 11, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Psalm 103:(1-7) 8-13
PUPPETS: Renee & Edithann

    RENEE: Edithann, you just about broke my ear drums last night at the Dairy Queen.

    E-ANN: Well, I was excited cause dad pulled the car into the ice cream place. Oh, I sure wanted one of those Pecan Mud Slides.

    RENEE: Yes, but mom said it was too near dinner time and told you to limit it to a small cone.

    E-ANN: I didn't see what harm it would be to have a Pecan Mud Slide.

    RENEE: Yow, and mom heard your comment.

    E-ANN: (with discuss) I know. And she told me, and I quote "Edithann, how do you suppose you look to God right now."

    RENEE: Boy oh, boy. She sure got your goat. Your mouth must have fallen open 6 inches.

    E-ANN: Well, it wasn't fair to make the comparison that she made.

    RENEE: You mean when she said that here you are sitting in this comfortable car wearing nice clean clothes and just 3 hours ago you had a nice delicious lunch. Yet you're pouting because you only get a small cone.

    E-ANN: Then she started in on that old story saying "You know that across the ocean..." And I interrupted her and said "Oh, Mom, I hope you aren't going to start that old stuff about the starving kids in India or some other foreign country."

    RENEE: Mom was at her best. She told you "Yes I am. At the same time God sees you, He also sees another 10 year old shivering in the cold, clawing through a garbage can for a bite to eat."

    E-ANN: Like I told her, I can't do anything about that.

    RENEE: But she reminded you that just last Sunday you threw a fit because Sally had a new dress and you didn't. Then Mom reminded you that at the same time God saw you standing before your stuffed closet fussing for a new dress, He saw anothter girl. She was putting on a faded, patched dress, but she was smiling as she got ready for church.

    E-ANN: Oh, Renee, she didn't know that. She was just imagining it.

    RENEE: No she wasn't. Every day somewhere, while you are complaining about your toys,and always asking for more and better, many children around the world are playing with tin cans and rocks and sticks.

    E-ANN: (turns her back on Renee)

    RENEE: What's the matter, Edithann, don't you like the pictures we have been painting. I know you don't, but you are seeing them anyway. How about you boys and girls. How does God see you. Does He see you as a spoiled brat or a thankful child? It's time to count your blessings. Bye every one. Bye Edithann. (Puppets down)