By Louise Ferry

BERNIE (Enters )

BUTCH (Enters) What's with the boots I stumbled over when I came in, Butch. Is it going to rain?

BERNIE Sally said, "If you have faith you can walk to the other side." So I am going to walk across the ocean, to the other side of the sea.

BUTCH Why go there? It's a foreign country.

BERNIE Sally said the other side is heaven.

BUTCH And they all speak French or something.

BERNIE And Chinese, Hebrew and Utarittic....

BUTCH I don't believe in heaven. It's pie in the sky.

BERNIE What do you believe in, Butch?

BUTCH Myself. I am captain of my ship and master of my fate.

BERNIE What will happen, when your ship sinks?

BUTCH Then, like any good captain, I will go down with my ship.

BERNIE That's very noble of you, Butch, but I think you should practice.

BUTCH With your water walkers?

BERNIE And with faith.

BUTCH Can't, Bernie. I gotta be free. I gotta be me.

BERNIE And I need to walk on the sea. (Sings) Come wind and rain, I sing it plain, Hi Ho I'm off to the sea. Come trouble and pain, I sing over again, Hi Ho I'm off to the sea.(Exits)

BUTCH There is something unusual about that dog. Probably doesn't know how to swim. Kids, how many of you have been to the ocean. Big waves washing up on the shore. Storms. The ocean is big and frightening, but the ocean is also full of life: star fish and whales, sea turtles and sea horses, brightly colored fish...and sharks. What Bernie means by walking upon the sea is to live and not be afraid. Let's all put on our water walkers and walk trusting in God's love.

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