POSTED November 5, 1999


By Louise Ferry

I Thessalonians 4:13-18
PUPPETS: Sally & Chris

    SALLY: Chris, are you ever afraid?

    CHRIS: How about you going first?

    SALLY: Well, okay. I am afraid sometimes.

    CHRIS: Why did you ask such a question, Sally?

    SALLY: I was just thinking about fear and how we all have things to be afraid of.

    CHRIS: I suppose you are right. But why were you thinking of things we are afraid of?

    SALLY: There is one thing that everyone is afraid of.

    CHRIS: What's that Sally?

    SALLY: Just about everybody on earth is afraid of dying.

    CHRIS: That's not unusual.

    SALLY: People in Jesus' day were afraid of dying, too.

    CHRIS: I don't think things have changed that much, at least where death is concerned.

    SALLY: The people in Jesus' day wanted to know that everything would be alright. God sent Jesus so we wouldn't be afraid of death anymore. You see, Jesus died, but He rose from the dead and He went to heaven and because He did, someday we will too.

    CHRIS: Wow, that was a mouthful, glad I didn't have that line. The Bible says that when Jesus comes back we all will go to heaven.

    SALLY: That's true. You see, death is not the end and we have God to thank for that.

    CHRIS: So we don't have anything to be afraid of. That's good. Bye everybody.

    SALLY: Bye. (puppets down)