By Louise Ferry
"THE FIRSTBORN" Puppets: Butch and Bernie

BERNIE (Enters figuring) Hum. Hummm. Hummmmmm.

BUTCH: (Enters) What are you doing now, Bernie Dog?

BERNIE: I am figuring.

BUTCH: Figuring what, Bernie Dog?

BERNIE: I'm trying to figure out which came first, the chicken or the egg.

BUTCH: That's easy. I came first. I was here before the atoms or the stars.

BERNIE: I thought Jesus came first.

BUTCH: Oh, no! First there was darkness and confusion. And a monster that moved around in the dark. That was me.

BERNIE: I thought the first one born was a person...like my master.

BUTCH: How can that be? Your master is a mixed up human being. On one hand he sees beauty, truth, and goodness. On the other hand, he is afraid of the dark. He is afraid of me.

BERNIE: My master is good. He takes care of me.

BUTCH: He tries to be good, but he pays the penalty of all who are born.

BERNIE: What is that, Butch?

BUTCH: He dies.

BERNIE Doesn't every BODY...die?

BUTCH: Not me.

BERNIE: I see. Then you were not born?

BUTCH: Gross! Icky poo! Who wants to be born?

BERNIE: Jesus did.

BUTCH: Well good for him. More power to him. I going back to my cave and figure out how to cook a pot of magic stew. Around and round I goes, and where I stops no BODY knows. My head is filled with numbers and magic's in my tail. My magic is my number and that is the end of my tale. (Exits)

BERNIE: I am glad that Jesus was born. I am glad that my master was born. Otherwise, who would take care of me? (Exits)

BUTCH: Aren't you glad that Jesus was born? Aren't you glad that you were born? Jesus was the first one born in all of creation. This is the first picture we have of an invisible God: Someone born like you and me, someone born like all creatures great and small.

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