POSTED January 13, 2000


By Louise Ferry

Genesis 1:1-5
PUPPETS: Sally & Mom

    (Sally appears and Mom stays down. Looking at a book & speaking to herself Sally says)

    SALLY: Wow, this sure doesn't sound like what it says in the Bible. Mom, where are you? I've got a question. (Mom appears)

    MOM: What is it Sally?

    SALLY: Well, I'm studying my science book and it doesn't sound anything like the Bible.

    MOM: What is it that you are concerned about?

    SALLY: It is the part about creation.

    MOM: Oh, I think I know where you are going.

    SALLY: Well, it is the part about how everything was created.

    MOM: Okay, Sally, what do they say in the school book?

    SALLY: According to my science book, many scientists believe that the earth and people and everything just "happened" to come into existence.

    MOM: Well, Sally, you might as well know right now that some books are wrong.

    SALLY: School books wrong?

    MOM: That's right, Sally. They have been written by man, and man can sometimes make mistakes. But the Bible has no errors!!

    SALLY: How do you know that?

    MOM: Because the Bible was inspired by God. That's why they call it "the Word of God".

    SALLY: I know in Sunday School they tell us that God created everything.

    MOM: God did create everything. In addition to that, our common sense tells us that man couldn't have just 'happened'.

    SALLY: That's what my Sunday School teacher tells us.

    MOM: What if I told that scientists that my car just happened. No one made the engine, it just happened. No one put the engine, the body, the seats, the wheels, and all the other parts together, but they just all came together by themselves.

    SALLY: Well, those scientists would tell you that it was the craziest thing they had ever heard.

    MOM: And they would be absolutely right. And the human body is far more complicated than a car.

    SALLY: That's right, Mom. We are not accidents. We are part of God's plan and creation. see you everybody. Bye, Bye.