POSTED April 4, 2000


By Louise Ferry

Psalm 1
PUPPETS: Butch & Grandpa

    BUTCH: Grandpa. Why does grandma want me to get rid of that little hurt bird that I found? It is so cute. I found this old cage and the bird could stay right next to our canary.

    GRANDPA: Well, that bird is a sparrow Butch. They are not good for much. All they do is cheep and twitter. It's not a good idea to try to make pets out of wide animals. But you can keep it a couple of days to see if its wing will heal.

    BUTCH: Maybe the canary can teach the sparrow to sing pretty!

    GRANDPA: But you and I need to talk about Fred.

    BUTCH: What about Fred? We are good friends.

    GRANDPA: I know. But why do you want to go over to Fred's house all the time?

    BUTCH:'s because Fred says it's too boring to come over here. All I have are Christian games and Christian tapes.

    GRANDPA: Don't you like them?

    BUTCH: Yes, but Fred doesn't and besides there is plenty to do over at Fred's house. He has video games and records and even has his own television.

    GRANDPA: I'm sure you will have plenty to do, but is it the kind of activity we encourage in our family? You can go, but only for a short time. Spending too much time with Fred may cause you to have less interest in spiritual things. Why don't you help Fred learn more about Jesus?

    BUTCH: That's a good idea Grandpa. Maybe that is what grandma was trying to say about the sparrow. She said the canary would start making noises like the sparrow, instead of the sparrow sounding like the canary.

    GRANDPA: Yes, Butch. I think that is what she was trying to do. You need to be careful, very careful. Make sure your unsaved friends aren't influencing you. Your deepest friendships should be with Christians who will help you be more like Jesus.

    BUTCH: You mean I should help them become Christians, being careful not to become like them.

    GRANDPA: I think you've got it. See you next week.

    BUTCH: See you grandpa, see you boys and girls.