POSTED April 20, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading Matthew 19:13-15
PUPPETS: Butch & Sally

    SALLY: Whew, whew (acting winded)!!!!

    BUTCH: What's the matter, Sally? You act like you have seen a ghost.

    SALLY: I was really afraid and then I saw the church and knew it was a safe place.

    BUTCH: A safe place. That sounds like something I heard in school when the police officer came to talk.

    SALLY: That's where I heard it too.

    BUTCH: But why where you afraid?

    SALLY: A man offered me some candy and said my mother had sent him to pick me up.

    BUTCH: How did you know that he wasn't sent by your mom?

    SALLY: Because I asked him if my mom said anything to tell me and he said no, just to pick me up.

    BUTCH: What did you do, Sally.

    SALLY: I ran as fast as I could because I knew my mom had not sent him.

    BUTCH: How did you know that?

    SALLY: Because Mom and I have a special word that anyone who is to pick me up will tell me and then I know that it is ok. And if it is not, I am to run to the nearest safe house or public building.

    BUTCH: How do you know what a safe house is?

    SALLY: Here in our town it is easy. The police have received applications from home that wish to serve as a safe house. These people are checked out and if everything is ok, they have a card they put in the front window that let's us know they are a safe house.

    BUTCH: That's neat. And if you go into a grocery story and other large store, you can ask for help. What are some other things that we can do to protect ourselves?

    SALLY: Never walk alone if at all possible. Never take candy from strangers. Do like mom & I have and have a special word or sign so that you know it is ok to go with someone.

    BUTCH: My teacher talked about good touch and bad touch, did you learn that too.

    SALLY: Yes and all these boys and girls should talk to their parents and find out what is meant by a good touch and a bad touch. You should have your special word and know where safe places are.

    BUTCH: Boys & girls, Jesus loves you. Of all the Scripture in the Bible that one thing in made clear, He loves you. He wants you to do your part also. If we do our part, and Jesus does His part, and He never fails us. We will be okay.

    SALLY: That's right, boys and girls. Now let's review. Know the safe place locations. Don't talk to strangers, have a special word or sign to know mom sent them and if not - RUN. (puppets down)

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