POSTED May 6, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading Luke 11:5-8
PUPPETS: Butch & Sally

    SALLY: Butch, that was a great Birthday party. You got so many neat presents and not the least of which was the chemistry set.

    BUTCH: Yes, it was neat, wasn't it?

    SALLY: Well, it would have been a shame not to have received a chemistry set after all the hints you made.

    BUTCH: Who, me make suggestions and hints?

    SALLY: Yes, Butch. Everytime you turned around you were saying how nice it would be to have a chemistry set. You even put a note in mom's purse the day she went to get it.

    BUTCH: I guess I have been kind of a pest. I hope no one was mad.

    SALLY: No, in fact, Dad said he liked us telling him what we want. He did say you were persistent, but not rude.

    BUTCH: I can't wait to show Bob.

    SALLY: That reminds me--you were going to pray for an opportunity to witness to Bob. How did that turn out?

    BUTCH: Oh, well, I did pray about it for a while, but nothing seemed to happen, so I kinda forgot about it.

    SALLY: Speaking of prayer, you also said you were going to pray for money to go to the church youth camp this summer. Have you gotten it yet?

    BUTCH: I saved about $10, but I didn't get any more for a long time, so I quit praying about it.

    SALLY: You sure learned to be persistent when it comes to asking for birthday presents, it's a shame you haven't applied this principle to your praying. You see, it pleases God to give His children what they really want and need, but too often we say a halfhearted prayer about something and then forget all about it.

    BUTCH: So?

    SALLY: Who knows how many wonderful answers to prayer we'd receive if only we kept asking'

    BUTCH: How about you, kids? Is there a problem or a need in your life that you have prayed about? If so, that's fine, but don't forget to keep on praying. God sets down several conditions for effective prayer. One of them is persistence. So keep on asking and believing.

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