POSTED June 13, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading 1 Corinthians 12:3b-13
PUPPETS: Mom & Sally

    MOM: (Sally remains down till called by Mom) Sally, Sally, where are you?

    SALLY: Here Mom. (Sally appears) I'm right here.

    MOM: I didn't even get to see your report card.

    SALLY: I know. I didn't even make the honor roll and Butch got all "A's".

    MOM: (pretending to look at card) Well, that's not too bad.

    SALLY: Yes, and it is too good either. And then there is that honor roll thing.

    MOM: Making the honor roll isn't the most important thing in life.

    SALLY: Oh, yow. Well, Butch is on it.

    MOM: I'm proud of you both. You're so close in age you are almost twins. But you are also very different, and that's good. Butch loves to read and study and you....

    SALLY: Are stupid.

    MOM: Sally, don't ever say that again. You're smart too, but in a different way from Butch. For instance, when his bike was broke, who fixed it?

    SALLY: I did. But there wasn't much wrong with it.

    MOM: You have mechanical abilities and that's great for a girl, Butch doesn't have that. Remember last year, we gave Butch a chess game and you a set of tools. Did it make you mad when we gave you different gifts for you birthdays?

    SALLY: Of course not.

    MOM: God gives each Christian different gifts, too. Remember the verses we read from Corinthians this morning? Don't think less of your abilities just because they are different from Butch's. Thank God for the talents you have, and use them.

    SALLY: Boys and girls, do you compare your abilities with those that others have? You shouldn't do that because God has not given you the same gifts He gave others. Don't try to be anyone else. Be yourself. Use the talents God has given you and they will grow. Bye, see you next week.

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