POSTED June 21, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading 2 Cor. 2:9-11, 14-15
PUPPETS: Butch & Grandpa

    GRANDPA: Butch, what did you think of that hawk we saw yesterday?

    BUTCH: It was great, grandpa. There we were hiding behind that bush and the hawk was circling above and then all at once it came sweeping down out of the sky with lightning speed and pounced on a mouse with its powerful feet and carried it off.

    GRANDPA: Did you ever wonder how that hawk saw that little mouse from way up there in the sky?

    BUTCH: Come to think of it, how did he see that mouse?

    GRANDPA: Hawks have much sharper eyesight than ours. That's where the expression 'watching like a hawk' comes from. That hawk could see the little mouse running in the grass, so he caught his dinner.

    BUTCH: What a terrific aim! I'm sure glad I'm too big for a hawk's dinner.

    GRANDPA: Way too big. (chuckles) There is an enemy who circles around looking for humans, though. Just as that hawk looks for weaker animals to prey on, Satan looks for weak spots in our lives.

    BUTCH: What do you mean by weak spots?

    GRANDPA: I mean areas in our lives that aren't fully given to God. For instance, if a person has a temper and hasn't asked God for help in fighting it, Satan will attack that person through his temper. He'll attack over and over.

    BUTCH: Could lying and stealing and swearing be weak spots too?

    GRANDPA: (nodding yes) And grumbling and disobedience -- all kinds of things. I'll tell you one of my weak spots, Butch.

    BUTCH: You have one?

    GRANDPA: Sure. One of mine is that I don't help Grandma enough. So when I see I'm neglecting her, I tell God I'm sorry and ask for His help. Then Satan can't attack me in that weak spot. He can watch me like a hawk, but it won't do any good.

    BUTCH: I guess fighting with my baby sister is a weak spot for me. I'm going to ask God to help me quit doing that. Thanks for the help, grandpa. (both puppets down)

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