POSTED June 24, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Phil. 2:1-5
PUPPETS: Butch & Grandpa

    BUTCH: Grandpa, do you enjoy cheering for your team?

    GRANDPA: Yes, but I can't figure out which one is my team.

    BUTCH: Many adults enjoy cheering for the team this time of year. They scream and cry and jump up and down and go a little crazy over their favorite football team, cheering them on to victory.

    GRANDPA: Or defeat, if you happen to be a Brown fan.

    BUTCH: You and I belong to the same team, don't we?

    GRANDPA: I didn't know I was on a team. What team is it?

    BUTCH: We are on Christ's team. We are teammates.

    GRANDPA: I guess your right.

    BUTCH: Now listen everybody! Is everybody listening? (pause) On the count of 3, I want everybody in this room, including adults, to give 3 cheers for grandpa. Okay. 1 - 2 - 3. "hip, hip horray -- hip, hip horray -- hip hip horray" (pause) How did that make you feel Grandpa?

    GRANDPA: It made me feel kind of good.

    BUTCH: It made you feel good having everybody cheer for you?

    GRANDPA: Yes, it sure did.

    BUTCH: It made me feel good too. That's part of what church is all about.

    GRANDPA: You mean cheering for one another.

    BUTCH: That's right. Every one here is important. We are God's children. That's a lot more important than cheering for a football team, to cheer for one another.

    GRANDPA: It sure is more important than cheering for a football team, especially when the team is a loser. But do you know why it is more important Butch?

    BUTCH: Why grandpa?

    GRANDPA: Because Jesus is cheering for us too. That's neat!! See you next week.

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