POSTED June 24, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Luke 5:1-4
PUPPETS: Dad & Sally

    DAD: (with fishing pole, swinging it around) What a beauty! I'll bet she'll catch twice as many fish as my old pole. (hits himself with pole.) Ooooweee!

    SALLY: (comes from behind screen) Yeeeeahhh!

    DAD: (scared, dad falls down)

    SALLY: (looks where dad has fallen) You OK, Dadsy?

    DAD: (comes up behind Sally) YES!

    SALLY: (jumps) Don't scare me like that!

    DAD: Me scare you? That yell of yours nearly gave me cardiac arrest.

    SALLY: I'm in a bad mood. Cool Charlie called me a name, and if I ever see him again it's going to be too soon! .....I've told him 5 times this week not to call me names, and he still does it.....that Turkey face!

    DAD: Now just calm down Sally. Cool Charlie is just teasing you--He doesn't really mean to hurt your feelings. He's just growing up and is going through a stage in his life where he thinks it's cute to call you names.

    SALLY: He's about as cute as a 3-legged salamander....

    DAD: That's not nice Sally. Salamanders have nothing against you, do they?

    SALLY: No....I'm sorry.

    DAD: You're just going to have to be patient with Cool Charlie. He'll grow up someday and then he won't call you names anymore.

    SALLY: He'd better grow up, that mealy-mouthed br....

    DAD: (interrupts) .....Sally! I think you have the same thing that Charlie has. Now you need to be patient with him, and I know a Bible verse that can help. Would you like to hear it?

    SALLY: Yes, Dad. (sees fishing pole) Can I look at your new pole while you're telling it to me? (takes pole and begins to swing it around)

    DAD: The Bible verse is I Thes. 5:14; "Be patient toward all" (repeats) "Be patient toward all."

    SALLY: (looks at dad) Yeah, I guess I do need to learn that verse before I smack Cool Charlie. (repeats it several times & gets congregation to do it.) Well, thanks for that verse Dad. I think it's going to help me a lot. (smacks pole against floor) Oooops....

    DAD: (in rage) Sssaaallllyyy....You broke my new fishing pole....

    SALLY: (goes to dad and puts arm around neck) UH, dadsy...How would you like to hear a GREAT Bible verse about pa.......Maybe some other time huh....Gotta go--bye Dad. (starts to head off, turns and hands pole to dad.)

    DAD: 8....9....10....11.....12.....13.....waaaahhh! (keels over backward.

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