POSTED July 6, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Mark 16:15
PUPPETS: Sally & Mom

    SALLY: Mom, what are you doing cutting out all those little pieces of cloth?

    MOM: You see, Sally, these are for our ABWM to send overseas.

    SALLY: ABWM? What's that mean -- Apples Baked With Marshmallows?

    MOM: Oh, Sally, you are so silly. The letters mean American Baptist Women's Ministries.

    SALLY: Say What?

    MOM: American Baptist Women's Ministries. Every woman and girl who attends our church is a member of the group, whether they attend the meetings or not.

    SALLY: Wow! That's pretty great!

    MOM: Yes, it is, Sally. When our group work is combined with all the others from the United States, we can do great things for others. We can obey the Scripture that says, "Go Ye into all the world."

    SALLY: But, Mom, we've been going to church here for a long time and I've never seen you even leave the country let alone go out into all the world.

    MOM: No, you don't understand, Sally. Because not all of us can leave and be missionaries, we stay behind and help with all kinds of gifts and supplies to help the missionaries do their work far away.

    SALLY: That's really great but I feel kinda left out. I'm just a little kid. How can I be a missionary, either far away or even right here?

    MOM: Well, Sally, first of all, you can pray for our missionaries. And you can give part of your allowance to the various funds that are sent overseas. Also you can learn about the missionaries that we support right here at our church and tell others about them. SALLY: Gee, Mom, that sounds simple enough. Just think Little Sally, the missionary, right here at Garrett First Baptist Church.

    MOM: This year as part of our requests, we need to raise $30 to be sent to the Philippines and $60 to the Congo, as well as some clothing items and Sunday School materials to be sent to the Asian Friendship Ministries in California. Do you think you could tell all your friends at church how they can become missionaries?"

    SALLY: Mom, I think you just did. So remember, everybody, "Go Ye into All the World" even if you never leave Garrett. You can do it! Bye everybody.

    MOM: Sally, you are well on your way to being Garrett's little missionary. How about all of you out there? Bye, see you soon.

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