POSTED July 6, 1999


By Louise Ferry

1 Cor. 10:13
PUPPETS: Butch & Grandpa

    BUTCH: Why did Grandma get sick? Did she do something wrong?

    G-PA: I don't know why she got sick, Butch, but all people get sick at times. It doesn't mean they did anything wrong.

    BUTCH: But she is a Christian. Did God make her sick to punish her?

    G-PA: God was not punishing her. In the Old Testament, sickness was sometimes a curse given as a result of sin. But Jesus took the curse away. Today, God never uses sickness as a punishment for Christians.

    BUTCH: I don't understand.

    G-PA: Many people don't understand this subject, Butch. God loves us and doesn't make us get sick, but He doesn't promise a bed of roses either. Sickness is like the rain - it comes on both the just and the unjust. In heaven there will be no sickness, but we are not there yet.

    BUTCH: Then what does it help to be a Christian?

    G-PA: God puts purpose to our lives. God will make good things happen, even when we suffer - that's His promise. People who are not Christians have nothing to look forward to except good times in this life. When they suffer, they are losers. When a Christian suffers, God can turn that suffering into a victory. We are winners whether it looks like things are going well, or not.

    BUTCH: I still don't understand.

    G-PA: No one would ever listen to your witness if they were suffering and we never did. They would say we couldn't understand what they are going through.

    BUTCH: Tell me more.

    G-PA: God's promise to us is that He will deliver us from suffering, or make something good result from it. Don't let anyone use sickness or suffering to discourage you - let God turn it into a victory.

    BUTCH: Did something good happen when Gra'ma was sick?

    G-PA: Yes Butch, it did. You know that rich man, John Smith?

    BUTCH: Yes, everyone says he will never become a Christian.

    G-PA: Don't be too sure. When he saw that Gra'ma did not get discouraged when she was sick, he asked her to tell him about Jesus. He said he had to know the one who gave her so much strength. He later asked Jesus to forgive his sins and to be his Lord too.

    BUTCH: I see what you mean, but I'm sure glad Gra'ma is well now.

    G-PA: Me too, I sure had a hard time taking care of the house during that time. Let's go see if she has baked any cookies.

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