POSTED July 9, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
PUPPETS: Grandma & Butch

    G-MA: Butch, what in the world was the matter with you? You were off in a dream world somewhere?

    BUTCH: I was thinking about what our missionary speaker said.

    G-MA: What was it that so upset you?

    BUTCH: He said we should witness in school.

    G-MA: So, what is so bad about that?

    BUTCH: Nothing, except that none of the Christians witness there. It's just not a place to talk about the Lord.

    G-MA: Butch, I remember last year you had a school project that required you to raise an orange tree from a seed.

    BUTCH: That's right, Grandma. But what has that to do with the missionary speaker?

    G-MA: Do you remember what happened when we went to the store to get some oranges for some seeds?

    BUTCH: How could I forget that. All they had in the store were seedless oranges. Boy, was I sad.

    G-MA: I remember you saying "How's a guy going to raise an orange tree without seeds?"

    BUTCH: Well, how do you raise an orange tree without seeds?

    G-MA: Well, that would certainly be a trick. You know, I wonder if the Lord is as sad as you were?

    BUTCH: You mean because all the oranges were seedless?

    G-MA: No. Because your school only has seedless Christians.

    BUTCH: Seedless Christians? I don't get it.

    G-MA: You said none of the Christians witness at school. None of them plant the seeds of the Gospel. You have the seeds of God's Word, but as long as you refuse to scatter them, you don't witness. You're no more help to the unsaved than if you weren't Christians.

    BUTCH: I am beginning to see what you mean, Grandma.

    G-MA: How about you boys and girls. Do you scatter the "seed" of the Word of God? Do you witness for Him at school?

    BUTCH: You mean like telling the kids in our neighborhood about Jesus.

    G-MA: Yes, Butch. God doesn't promise that it will be easy, but He does promise that it will eventually bring results. Let Him spread the gospel through you. He will bless you as you do that.

    BUTCH: Now let me see. Who do I need to speak to about Jesus? Hum. Bye grandma.

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