POSTED August 7, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Matthew 14:22-33
PUPPETS: Sparks (the lion) & Spot (the donkey)

    SPARKS: You know Spot, I just can't figure out those magicians, like the one we saw last night.

    SPOT: Well, Sparks, I think I have got it all figured out.

    SPARKS: You do!

    SPOT: Yes. You know when the magician says, look here, at his hands, or the table, or something else, we need to look elsewhere.

    SPARKS: Well, Spot ole buddy, I hate to be a kill joy but you and I did that one time.

    SPOT: We did?

    SPARKS: Yes. We would look at his hands when he said to look elsewhere or at the object when he said to look at the table and all we saw were a couple of movements that we never figured out.

    SPOT: You're right. I remember now. I remember that we tried very hard to catch him but never did.

    SPARKS: Yes. We sure did fail.

    SPOT: I still think half the trick is getting the audience to look where you tell them.

    SPARKS: You know it's hard when they hold up their hands and say, Look here, it's hard not to do that.

    SPOT: I still say that looking else where is half the trick even if I can't prove it.

    SPARKS: Do you remember what our Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Rabbit, said about that when you mentioned it the first time.

    SPOT: Oh, yes, how could I forget that. She said, "that's interesting. Do you remember the story of Peter walking on the water?" And of course I said yes. And when he stopped looking at Jesus and looked at the water, he started to sink.

    SPARKS: Wow, and then she said, that's right. Satan is a great trickster, you know. He loves to get our attention on anything except the Lord Jesus.

    SPOT: Yes, if Satan can get us interested in the bad things he's doing in the world, or even in a good cause, he's happy -- just so we don't put our attention on the Lord.

    SPARKS: You don't want to be fooled by his methods.

    SPOT: Yes, boys and girls. Don't worry so much about things going on in the world, like wars, drugs, diseases, that you forget about Jesus Himself?

    SPARKS: Do you get so busy with schoolwork, a paper route, or even church activities, that you don't have time to spend with the Lord. Remember, Satan is a deceiver. He likes you to stay busy, even with wholesome activities - that you neglect to think about Jesus. Bye boys and girls.

    SPOT: Don't be deceived by the deceiver and forget Jesus. Bye everyone.