POSTED September 23, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Matthew 21:23-32
PUPPETS: Mom & Sally

    MOM: Sally, do you remember when you said you would clean up your room the other day?

    SALLY: (sheepishly) Yes, I remember.

    MOM: And would you tell the boys and girls what happened?

    SALLY: Well..........

    MOM: Don't be shy, Sally. Speak up. The boys and girls want to hear what you are saying.

    SALLY: Well, I.................

    MOM: (mom pauses & then responds) Sally, I have never known you to be at a loss for words.

    SALLY: Well, I didn't get it cleaned up.

    MOM: Dad and I were angry when we found out you had not cleaned your room.

    SALLY: Well, I remember one time when you asked me to clean up my room and I said NO, but then I cleaned it up anyway. Wasn't that nice of me.

    MOM: Well, it was. But how about it boys and girls. Have you ever said you would do something and then didn't do it? Or said you would not do something and then went ahead and completed it?

    SALLY: Yes, boys and girls. Tell her that you have so I don't look that bad.

    MOM: Now, Sally, that is not nice. You should not try to influence the boys and girls.

    SALLY: I'm sorry, will you forgive me?

    MOM: Yes, Sally, I forgive you. Now in our Scripture for today, Matthew 21:23-32, a dad has two sons and he asks the first son to go work in the field and he says yes, but doesn't do it.

    SALLY: That sounds a little like me.

    MOM: It sure does. But then this father asks the second son to go work in the field and the second son says "no, I won't", but then he does go work out in the field.

    SALLY: That sounds like me the first time.

    MOM: You're getting the point, Sally. Now boys & girls, which son did what his father wanted. (wait for some answers, prompt if you have to) - It was the second son, because he actually did what his father wanted him to do.

    SALLY: So, it was his actions, what he did, that was the important thing?

    MOM: That's right, Sally. The Bible says that your actions are what is important. If we say we will do something, let's do it.