POSTED September 29, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Matthew 21:33-46
PUPPETS: Mom & Butch

    (Mom appears but Butch stays back until called upon)

    MOM: Hi boys and girls. Do any of you eat potatoes? (wait for a couple of responses) Do you like them? (wait for responses, prompt if necessary) What about carrots? Do you eat carrots?

    BUTCH: Carrots, smarrots, who cares. It this turning into some kind of cooking class.

    MOM: No, and why are you interrupting me anyway?

    BUTCH: I couldn't stand it with all that talking about veggies.

    MOM: Well, Butch, you just hush it for awhile and I'll finish.

    BUTCH: I'll try.

    MOM: Well boys and girls, I'm sorry for the interruption. Now back to business. Do you eat turnips? (wait for responses and prompt if necessary)

    BUTCH: Well, I don't know about them but I don't eat turnips.

    MOM: Hush Butch. Well, boys and girls these three vegetables, potatoes, carrots and turnips, all have something in common.

    BUTCH: Yes, they're yucky.

    MOM: Ignore him if you can. As I was saying, a couple of hundred years ago, in parts of Europe, people thought that potatoes were bad for you, that they caused leprosy. Nobody would eat potatoes.

    BUTCH: Good for Europe.

    MOM: And there were people back then who wouldn't eat carrots or turnips either. They thought carrots and turnips were dirty and not good for you.

    BUTCH: That's right. It will stunt your growth.

    MOM: They rejected perfectly good food, they threw it away, because they didn't know what it was.

    BUTCH: I smell a Bible story coming. Don't you boys and girls?

    MOM: In our scripture for today we find out that sometimes we reject Jesus because we don't know who he is. It is like when the owner of the grape farm sent his son thinking they would listen to him, the workers kill his son and still don't pay.

    BUTCH: My Sunday School teacher told us about this this morning. The owner of the grape farm is God. The Grape Farm is the world. And the son is Jesus.

    MOM: I'm proud of you Butch. You have been listening. Yes and when God sends people to tell us we are acting in the wrong way, we reject those people. And when He sent His Son, we rejected Him and killed Him.

    BUTCH: But we now know who Jesus is, He is the Son of God. Let's decide today that we won't reject Jesus. Bye everyone.

    MOM: Bye boys and girls.