POSTED October 1, 1999


By Louise Ferry

I Corinthians 11:25-28
PUPPETS: Butch & Sally

    SALLY: Butch, do you eat bread?

    BUTCH: That's a silly question. Sure I eat bread.

    SALLY: Well, I know most of us do but you do act strange sometimes so I thought I better ask.

    BUTCH: Well, Sally, I do.

    SALLY: Considering that, what kind to you eat?

    BUTCH: By the loaf!!

    SALLY: No, I mean do you mostly rye, or whole wheat or what?

    BUTCH: I see what you mean. I eat wheat. Why do you ask?.

    SALLY: You see, people from all over the world eat bread but it is made from all kinds of different things

    BUTCH: What kind of things.

    SALLY: For instance, in Mexico some of the bread is made with corn. Have you ever heard of corn bread.

    BUTCH: Sure I have. Mom serves cornbread with beans. It is really good.

    SALLY: In China some of the bread is made from rice.

    BUTCH: Rice, that doesn't sound good to me.

    SALLY: Native Americans used to make bread from acorns and in Europe some bread is made out of rye.

    BUTCH: That's the very dark bread mom serves once in a while.

    SALLY: All over the world people eat bread. We may all use different ingredients to make bread, but we all eat some kind of bread.

    BUTCH: Wow, that's neat. But why all this talk about bread.

    SALLY: This morning, people all over the world are going to be eating bread for a special reason, for Communion.

    BUTCH: My Sunday School teacher told us about that. Jesus told us that when we take Communion, we are doing so we can remember how He died for us.

    SALLY: Yes, and the bread of Communion represents Jesus' body.

    BUTCH: And the grape juice represents Jesus' blood, because Jesus bled for us when He died.

    SALLY: He loved us enough to die for us. And He died for everyone, all over the world.

    BUTCH: So millions of people will remember Jesus today and remember His love for us. That's neat.

    SALLY: It sure is. Bye everyone.