POSTED October 10, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Matthew 22:1-14
PUPPETS: Mom & Grandma

    MOM: Grandma, did you get your wedding invitation?

    G-MA: What invitation? I don't know about an invitation.

    MOM: I was just kidding with you. I was just reading Matthew 22 and it was speaking of a rich king that is throwing a big wedding party for his son.

    G-MA: Oh, yes. That was part of my morning devotions. In Jesus' day, weddings were the most important event in a family.

    MOM: It still should be.

    G-MA: Did you know that back in Jesus' time families would spend months preparing for a big wedding party. They would fix their best food and wine for the party.

    MOM: Now it is nuts, mints and cake.

    G-MA: Yes, and speaking of invitations, like you did when we started, the family would send out two invitations. One went out a few months before the party, to let people know about it.

    MOM: I would forget about it before it happened if I got an invitation that early.

    G-MA: That's the reason they sent out the second one to let them know that it was time.

    MOM: Oh, I see. And then the king prepares his big meal and has the party all ready?

    G-MA: Yes. And, the kings friends, when they recieve his second invitation tell him they don't want to come.

    MOM: That's a big insult at that point in time. What did he do with all that food?

    G-MA: The king got very angry, and he sends his servants out into the streets to invite everyone they see the wedding party. Lots of people come and they have a wonderful time and his friends miss the party and they don't get to have a good time and the king is no longer their friend.

    MOM: That story is actually about us and how we act towards God, isn't it?

    G-MA: Yes, daughter, you are right. God invites each of us to learn more about Him through Jesus. God invites us to be a part of His family by believing in Jesus.

    MOM: I see. But just like the friends in the story, some of us say we don't have time or we just don't want to learn about Jesus.

    G-MA: You are right dear. God invites us again and again, but some of still turn away. If we don't turn to God and His invitation to us, then God will find other people who say yes to His invitation.

    MOM. Then we will never know the joy that knowing God can bring. Bye everyone.