POSTED September 18, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Philippians 1:21-30, 2 Timothy 4:6-8
PUPPETS: Grandpa & Johnny

    (sign on puppet theater saying "HOSPITAL")

    G-PA: Hi, Johnny. It is good to see you.

    JOHNNY: It is good to see you also, Grandpa. Are you feeling any better?

    G-PA: No. I'm kinda weak.

    JOHNNY: I hope you get to come home soon, I sure miss you.

    G-PA: There is nothing I want more than to go home -- (softly) to my heavenly home, I mean.

    JOHNNY: You mean you want to . . . to die? I don't understand.

    G-PA: You will someday, when your body is old and worn-out like mine, you'll look forward to having a new body and going to be with Jesus in your new home.

    JOHNNY: No, I don't want to ever get old and sick.

    G-PA: Seems awful to you, doesn't it?

    JOHNNY: It sure does.

    G-PA: Do you remember when you ran that race last Saturday?

    JOHNNY: Yes. What about it?

    G-PA: How did you feel when you were almost to the finish line?

    JOHNNY: To tell you the truth, pretty bad. My legs were sore, my chest hurt, I was all hot and sweaty, and I wanted a drink of water.

    G-PA: I figured that since I use to be a runner.

    JOHNNY: But you know, in a way I felt great because I knew the race was almost over, and I knew I had done my best.

    G-PA: Don't you see, Johnny, that's exactly how I feel. Even though my body is tired and full of pain, I'm happy because I can see the finish line up ahead.

    JOHNNY: Just like I felt last Saturday.

    G-PA: Yes, I know, Johnny. That's where I am today. I've been saved by grace through Jesus Christ, and I can't wait to finally see Him and all the wonderful things He has prepared for me.

    JOHNNY: I feel good for you, Grandpa.

    G-PA: How about you boys and girls? Do you ever think about growing old and dying? You shouldn't be afraid if you know Jesus as Savior. You can cross the finish line and receive your reward. See you everybody. Bye Johnny.