POSTED October 6, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Philippians 1:3-7
PUPPETS: Sally & Chris (yellow puppet)

    SALLY: Chris, I saw you reading a letter a while ago. Who was it from or don't you wish to tell me? Maybe it was a boy friend or something.

    CHRIS: No, it was a letter from one of our missionaries.

    SALLY: A letter from a missionary. That is indeed strange.

    CHRIS: Nothing strange about it. Mr. Sandborn was to our church sometime ago and I wrote him.

    SALLY: Mr. Sandborn the Missionary? He probably doesn't even remember you.

    CHRIS: Quite the opposite. He did remember me.

    SALLY: Why did you write him in the first place?

    CHRIS: I thought he might like to get a letter since he is not married and works all alone in that village.

    SALLY: What do you have in common with a missionary?

    CHRIS: I'm a missionary myself.

    SALLY: You are not!!

    CHRIS: Yes I am. I'm a missionary in my school.

    SALLY: In your school. That is strange.

    CHRIS: Mr. Sandborn and I are both missionaries, we just work in different field. He told me in his letter that it was a real encouragement to him to receive my letter.

    SALLY: I'll bet!!!

    CHRIS: He said that when he read how I was praying for him and that I remembered the things that he had spoke about and that I would like to be a missionary some day, he said that it was God's way of letting him know that God was going to use him there.

    SALLY: And he wrote you to thank you?

    CHRIS: That's right. He said that my letter help to increase his faith.

    SALLY: You mean that a few encouraging words from a child help to increase a missionaries faith?

    CHRIS: That is what Mr. Sandborn said.

    SALLY: That is very strange, I don't quite understand.

    CHRIS: You are not the only one. That is the way it is with a lot of people. How about you boys and girls. Have you ever thought about writing a letter to encourage missionaries. You may never know how much it means to someone far away. Bye everyone.