POSTED October 16, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Matthew 22:15-21
PUPPETS: Chris & Sally

    CHRIS: Sally. What is going on here. All I see is money, money and more money. What's happening.

    SALLY: Well, I was just admiring the pictures on them.

    CHRIS: Admiring the pictures? Pictures on money?

    SALLY: Yes, pictures on money

    CHRIS: Well I see you have bills and coins. Any special meaning to that?

    SALLY: Yes, I was kind of wondering how they got those faces on the coins. Look at the quarter with the picture of Washington and the half dollar with Kennedy on it.

    CHRIS: Even I know that.

    SALLY: You know how they get the picture on the coin? Let me in on it.

    CHRIS: They have things they call dies and the die has words and picture on it and when the die hits the metal it leaves the impression on the metal. So now the coins have the same picture, the same image.

    SALLY: Ever since coins first started to be made, there were pictures of different people on them.

    CHRIS: Yes, in Jesus' day, many of the coins had the picture of the Roman King, Caesar Augustua, on them. Caesar was king in those days.

    SALLY: But the people really hated Caesar. He did not treat the Jewish people well.

    CHRIS: And he made them pay all kinds of taxes to him.

    SALLY: Yes, boys and girls, that bothered the Jewish people and they asked Jesus about it.

    CHRIS: Boys and girls, do you know what Jesus said? He said to give to Caesar what was Caesar's and give to God waht was God's.

    SALLY: What did He mean by that, Chris.

    CHRIS: Well, the money had Caesar's picture or image on it, so the money belonged to Caesar. But do you know what? The Bible says we are made in the image of God.

    SALLY: Just like money was made with the image of the king, Caesar, we are made in the image of God.

    CHRIS: We have God's mark upon us, maybe not on our face, but in our heart. That means that we belong to God. And if we belong to God, then everthing we have, everything we do, belongs to God.

    SALLY: Jesus was reminding the Jewish people that what they did with their money wasn't as important as what they did with their lives. That's a good point. Bye everyone.