POSTED October 27, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Matthew 2:1-11
PUPPETS: Mom & Sally


    MOM: Sally, this has been a wonderful Christmas.

    SALLY: I'm glad you think so. It was all Butch's idea.

    MOM: You mean Butch thought of this?

    SALLY: Yes, it was good old Butch.

    MOM: Well, when the door bell rang early this morning I didn't know what to think.

    SALLY: I had to ring the door bell because Butch couldn't at the time.

    MOM: When dad went to the door and looked out he yelled back for me to come.

    SALLY: By the time you guys got there I had already come back in.

    MOM: I looked out and here was this beautiful big box with a bow ribbon on top.

    SALLY: That was my idea. I put the bow there.

    MOM: It was so pretty.

    SALLY: And Butch was so cold down inside that box.

    MOM: I'll bet it was. It also was a big surprise for us when he got out of that box when dad opened the lid.

    SALLY: The good thing was he wasn't out there that long.

    MOM: And when he held up those signs I thought your dad was going to cry.

    SALLY: I think he did. I know I was.

    MOM: And when Butch cried out "Here I am. Merry Christmas" Then he said, "You always do so much for me, so I decided to give you myself for Christmas".

    SALLY: And then he began handing out these special signs.

    MOM: Yes, those signs were special. They said things like, "I'm your errand boy" and "I'll clean Tim's room and my own", and "I'll clean the garage" I just hugged and hugged him. He could hardly get his breath.

    SALLY: I know dad said "It's the best present you could possibly give us. We love it."

    MOM: How about you boys and girls? Did you think today about the fact that God gave His very best for you.

    SALLY: That's right boys and girls. What have you given Him in return? What He wants most of all is the gift of yourself.

    MOM: Will you give that gift to Him. Only then can He use your talents, time and service. Bye everyone. (Puppets down.)