POSTED October 29, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Matthew 23:1-12
PUPPETS: Chris & Sally

    SALLY: Chris, is B.J. a Christian?

    CHRIS: How would I know?

    SALLY: How can you tell if a person is a follower of God? The way B.J. talks and runs around while the puppets are going one would make you wonder.

    CHRIS: Quite frankly, Sally, I don't know how you would tell a Christian now a days. But I know in Jesus' time all religious men wore tassels on the four corners of their clothes.

    SALLY: Are you sure they weren't just wearing out.

    CHRIS: Yes, Sally, I am sure.

    SALLY: Well, then, what did these tassels mean anyway?

    CHRIS: These tassels reminded the men to pray all the time, and to remember God's commandments.

    SALLY: In that case we have a couple of kids here that need a whole bunch of tassels. Like maybe a hundred.

    CHRIS: Now, Sally, that is not nice. You should hold your tongue or we will start talking about the writings in the Book of James.

    SALLY: Oops. I'm sorry kids.

    CHRIS: Well, speaking of a hundred tassels. There were some people who wanted to look like they were super-spiritual, like they were really close to God.

    SALLY: You mean like Butch does once in a while?

    CHRIS: Now in the Book of James........

    SALLY: I get the idea. I'm sorry Butch, where ever you are.

    CHRIS: Well, these super-spiritual acting guys would put really long tassels on their clothes. They thought that the longer their tassel was, the more religious they were.

    SALLY: My Sunday school teacher said they weren't doing the things God wanted them to do, like taking care of the poor people.

    CHRIS: You can bet that God didn't care how long a person's tassel was. No, God only cared about whether that person truly loved Him and Worshiped Him.

    SALLY: You know Chris, sometimes we can get all caught up in trying to look religious, but not really care about God.

    CHRIS: We might even come to church and sing the songs really loudly, and act like we're the nicest person around. But if we don't love God and worship Him, then none of that matters.

    SALLY: Now boys and girls, let's remember that what God really wants is for us to love Him and to take care of those around us. Bye everybody. (puppets down)