POSTED November 5, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Zephaniah 1:7, 12-18
PUPPETS: Butch & Chris

    BUTCH: Well, boys and girls, it sure is a great day. I am really enjoying myself. Everything is going great and I have such wonderful friends. It is really nice here at church and it is really nice at home and school is not too bad either. And...

    CHRIS: Shhh, Butch. Why are you all of a sudden talking so much?

    BUTCH: Well, it is just so good I had to keep talking to tell....

    CHRIS: That's what I mean. You just talk and talk and talk. Do you ever listen?

    BUTCH: Why, is there something to hear?

    CHRIS: Yes there is. You see, we have come here to worship God and we can't always be talking like B.J., we need to listen. B.J. you need to listen too.

    BUTCH: But what should I listen for?

    CHRIS: You should listen for the Lord.

    BUTCH: Listen for the Lord. You mean He speaks to kids?

    CHRIS: Yes, He speaks to all people.

    BUTCH: Well, I can't remember ever hearing Him.

    CHRIS: That's because you talk all the time and never listen. The people in Zephaniah's time were doing the same thing. They were not paying attention to the Lord.

    BUTCH: Zepha who?

    CHRIS: Zephaniah. He was trying to tell them that all their work was in vain. They didn't believe that God was speaking to them. They were building houses and the Lord said they would not live in them.

    BUTCH: Why would they not live in the houses they were building?

    CHRIS: Because the Lord was close at hand. The Lord was about to punish them and they were not listening. He said that all the money in the world would not help them.

    BUTCH: Why would God do that?

    CHRIS: Because they had sinned and were not listening to God but were listening to people in the world.

    BUTCH: So, I should listen for God to speak to me even though I'm just a kid?

    CHRIS: I believe you are getting it. If you talk all the time you have trouble hearing God. So, shhh. Bye everybody. Bye Butch. (puppets down)