POSTED November 11, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Matthew 25:31-46
PUPPETS: Johnny and Butch

    . JOHN: Hey, Butch, I have to say that I'm really surprised.

    BUTCH: Surprised. What about?

    JOHN: Do you remember when you came riding by my house a few days ago?

    BUTCH: Sure, I was on my way to cut Granpa's yard. How is that important?

    JOHN: Do you remember what I said that day?

    BUTCH: If I'm not mistaken you said you were bored.

    JOHN: That's right. I was bored. Then you shared with me what you were doing.

    BUTCH: Oh, I know what you mean. It is when I told you that mom asked me what I was going to do in my spare time when school was out.

    JOHN: Well, I have to tell you that I thought you were crazy when you told me what you were going to do.

    BUTCH: You mean that I said I was goiing to work for Jesus in my off time.

    JOHN: You got it. I thought it was plumb crazy.

    BUTCH: But I also remember you raised an eyebrow when I told you it was to work for Jesus and have fun.

    JOHN: Yes. I couldn't believe you said you were going to work for Jesus and HAVE FUN. I didn't think working for the Lord could be fun.

    BUTCH: But we sure have had a good time doing it, haven't we Johnny?

    JOHN: Yes we have.

    BUTCH: My mom says we get bored because we think about ourselves too much. She says it's less likely to happen when we're busy helping others.

    JOHN: Well, I sure haven't been bored the last few days. Maybe this time off won't be so dull after all.

    BUTCH: How about you boys and girls? Is "I'm bored" your theme song. Could that be because you're thinking too much about yourself?

    JOHN: I speak from experience, there are many things you can do to keep busy and help others. Ask the Lord to show you some way hyou can help another person each day.

    BUTCH: Remember, when you do something for someone else, you are doing it for Jesus. Bye everyone.