POSTED November 23, 1999


By Louise Ferry

Mark 13:24-37
PUPPETS: Sally & Butch

    SALLY: Butch. Do you know what special holiday is coming up in a few weeks?

    BUTCH: No, I don't much pay attention to those things.

    SALLY: Wow. I would have never guessed you were that type.

    BUTCH: Guessed I was what kind of type?

    SALLY: The type that would forget it was Advent.

    BUTCH: What did Ad vent?

    SALLY: Butch, you are a basket case. Advent, the coming of Christ the King.

    BUTCH: You mean Jesus Christ?

    SALLY: That's exactly what I mean. It is a time looking toward the birth of Jesus in Bethleham.

    BUTCH: Oh, I know what's coming up in a few weeks. It will be Christmas.

    SALLY: It took you long enough to wake up. Now, are you excited?

    BUTCH: Of course I'm excited. What kid would not be excited. I'm going to have to get some cookies and milk.

    SALLY: Cookies and milk? What has that got to do with Jesus.

    BUTCH: It doesn't have anything to do with Jesus, but it is a way of saying thank you to Santa for bringing all those nice gifts.

    SALLY: But as long as you are saying "Thank you" to Santa, don't you think we should be saying an even bigger "Thank you" to God?

    BUTCH: A Thank you to God!! Why so?

    SALLY: The gifts God gives us are so much better than just clothes or toys.

    BUTCH: Better than toys or Clothes?

    SALLY: Yes, God gave us life, and He gave us our mommies and daddies and brothers and sisters. Those arer all things we can thank God for.

    BUTCH: Well, I don't know about my sister, Chris, but I sure am glad for mommy and daddy.

    SALLY: Let's pray and thank God for loving us and blessing us with so many wonderful gifts. Bye everyone.

    BUTCH: Bye, and Thank you God.