POSTED January 13, 2000


By Louise Ferry

Mark 1:14-20
PUPPETS: Dad & Butch

    DAD: Hey, Butch, where have you been.

    BUTCH: Well, Dad, I was out fishing over at the pond by the Alverez farm.

    DAD: Where's your fish?

    BUTCH: I didn't catch any today.

    DAD: That's not like you, Butch, not to catch any fish.

    BUTCH: There was a new boy at my fishing spot so I decided to wait.

    DAD: You could have gone to another spot. You're a good fisherman.

    BUTCH: Yes, I am but Pete was not. That's his name, Pete.

    DAD: Just because he doesn't catch any fish doesn't mean he doesn't know how to fish.

    BUTCH: I know, but this time it did. He would yank his line out every minute or so.

    DAD: Why would he do that?

    BUTCH: He told me that he was checking to see if the fish had taken his bait.

    DAD: That would scare the fish away.

    BUTCH: Hep, you sure hit it on the head.

    DAD: Why would he do that anyway?

    BUTCH: It seems his name is Pete Fisher and he was trying to live up to the name.

    DAD: That's funny. It reminds me of the Peter in the Bible. He was a fisherman too, you know. And one day Jesus came to Peter and said, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.

    BUTCH: Now I can just hear you saying, "Butch you have the perfect opportunity to fish for Pete.

    DAD: That's right, Butch. Your friendship can be the bait, God's Word can be the hook and line. Be a fisher of men, Butch, rather than just an ordinary fisherman.

    BUTCH: Hey, boys and girls. Do you go fishing? You should if you are following Jesus. And what's more it's more satisfying than fishing for ordinary fish. Bye everyone.

    DAD: Bye Butch, bye boys and girls. (puppets down)