POSTED January 18, 2000


By Louise Ferry

Mark 12:31
PUPPETS: Mom & Chris

    MOM: Chris, what do you like best about Church?

    CHRIS: (in a childish voice) I like cough drops.

    MOM: I know you like cough drops, but what do you like best about church?

    CHRIS: Well, cough drops are important to little kids like me.

    MOM: Cough drops are very nice if you have a cough.

    CHRIS: You mean if I don't have a cough, they're not nice?

    MOM: Oh, I imagine you'd like them anytime, but they're for a cough.

    CHRIS: Well, I like them in church.

    MOM: Cough or not?

    CHRIS: I feel so good while I'm sitting next to you and kind of snuggling up, chewing on a cough drop.

    MOM: Kind of good?

    CHRIS: Warm--like belonging, you know.

    MOM: Belonging?

    CHRIS: That's the way I feel about church. I belong here, where the music and Margaret's cough drops are and where the words says that God loves me even if I am a little kid.

    MOM: Even if?

    CHRIS: We, I don't have a job or anything like that, but God doesn't seem to mind.

    MOM: No, God doesn't seem to mind at all. In fact, I'd venture to say that God likes very much to have you in church, unemployed though you might be.

    CHRIS: Cough drops and all?

    MOM: Cough drops and all! Bye everybody. (puppets down)

    (Adopted from Ann Weems book "Reaching for Rainbows", page 39 & 40, published by Westminster Press)