POSTED January 22, 2000


By Louise Ferry

I Corinthians 8:1-13
PUPPETS: Chris & Sally

    SALLY: Hey, Chris, do you like apples?

    CHRIS: Yes, I sure do.

    SALLY: Did you see that apple left over from Christmas treats back in the kitchen?

    CHRIS: I sure did. It was really ugly.

    SALLY: What if you were really hungry and asked me for an apple and I gave you that bad one?

    CHRIS: That wouldn't be nice.

    SALLY: If I really cared about you, which apple would I give you?

    CHRIS: A good one.

    SALLY: That's right, I would give you a good one.

    CHRIS: I knew you were nice.

    SALLY: Did you know sometimes our actions can be like good and bad apples, too?

    CHRIS: Really?

    SALLY: Yes. Some good actions are being nice to other people, helping other people, telling the truth.

    CHRIS: Wow, that's really neat.

    SALLY: And some bad actions could be gossiping about people or not sharing with other people. Which kind of actions are Christians supposed to do?

    CHRIS: The good actions, of course.

    SALLY: What if we tell people we are Christians, but then we do the bad actions?

    CHRIS: They're not going to believe us. They might say, "Well, I don't want to be a Christian if all Christians are mean like that".

    SALLY: And if we are Christians, and if we care about people, what kind of actions will we do? We will do the good actions.

    CHRIS: Let's remember this week the way that God wants us to act toward other people. See you Sally. Bye boys and girls.

    SALLY: See you Chris, bye everyone. (puppets down)