POSTED February 13, 2000


By Louise Ferry

I Cor. 9:16-19, 22-23
PUPPETS: Chris & Sally

    SALLY: Chris, do you know how to swim?

    CHRIS. Yes. I was over to the YMCA the other day with Amanda.

    SALLY: That's good. Do you like to swim?

    CHRIS: I sure do.

    SALLY: It's fun, isn't it?

    CHRIS: It sure is.

    SALLY: There are two ways we can learn how to swim.

    CHRIS: Two ways? I didn't know that. Could you explain?

    SALLY: One way is to very slowly put one foot in, and then put another foot in, maybe dip a hand in the water, maybe put our face under water a little bit.

    CHRIS: That seems a little slow. Could you tell me more?

    SALLY: We can just put one body part at a time into the water and slowly learn how to swim and float and paddle around in the pool (or lake). That's the slow and easy way of learning how to swim.

    CHRIS: That's the way I learned. You mean there is another way?

    SALLY: Okay. You can just jump right into the water, get your whole body wet all at once, and start flopping and paddling around until you've learned how to swim. That's how our pastor learned.

    CHRIS: That must have been rough.

    SALLY: There's something else for you to know. There are two ways we can become followers of God, too.

    CHRIS: I didn't know that.

    SALLY: Some people just give God a little tiny bit of their hearts at a time.

    CHRIS. You have got to be kidding.

    SALLY: No I'm not. They say, "Okay, God, I'm not sure I trust you yet. I don't want to give you all of me yet.

    CHRIS: Well, I may have learned to swim that way but I don't want that way to be a Christian.

    SALLY: But then other people give all of themselves to God all at once. It's like they just jump right into God's love with their whole bodies. Boys and girls, I hope that you will love God enough to give Him everything, to jump into His love with both feet. Bye everybody.