By Louise Ferry
"SHINE, MY LITTLE LIGHT" Matthew 5:13-20 (Puppets: Sally & Butch)

SALLY: In Sunday Scholl today we talked about being salt and light.

BUTCH: Why did you talk about that?

SALLY: Because, in the Bible, Jesus says that His followers should be like salt and light in the world.

BUTCH: But Sally, salt can be found in lakes and seas, in rock formations, and underground.

SALLY: That's right Butch. When salt is first collected from water or rocks or other places, it is usually mixed with dirt, clay, water, germs, and other things.

BUTCH: Oh, Sally, that's gross. If we put these things in our food, we could get very sick.

SALLY: You're right Butch. So before we can eat the salt, it has to be purified. All the dirt and germs and water has to be removed from the salt.

BUTCH: I'm glad of that. That means only pure, clean salt can be used for eating.

SALLY: Our Sunday School teacher said that when Jesus told His followers that they needed to be salt and light in the world, He was telling them that they had to be pure and clean, that they needed to stay away from sin. That is the only way they would be able to do good works in the world.

BUTCH: But why did Jesus tell His followers to be light in the world?

SALLY: A lamp in Jesus' day was filled with oil, and then a wick was put in it. People would light the wick, and the lamp would burn for hours, until the oil ran out.

BUTCH: Well, Sally, I know a little bit about that kind of lamp. People couldn't just leave the lamps alone for hours at a time. The wick had to be trimmed every so often, or else it would burn out. So throughout the day and night, they had to go check the lamp and make sure the wick was trimmed just right. Also, they had to carry the lamp very carefully, or else the oil would spill out of the top.

SALLY: People had to be very careful, and pay attention to their lamps in order for their lamps to keep on shining and giving off light.

BUTCH: In the same way, we have to be careful to keep our light for Jesus shining in our lives. Just like people had to refill the oil in their lamp to keep it burning, we have to refill ourselves with God's love all the time.

SALLY: How can we do this? Well, we do it by loving other people, praying, reading the Bible, coming to church, doing nice things for other people.

BUTCH: That's right. And just like people had to pay attention to their wick and keep it trimmed, we have to pay attention to our lives, and keep our hearts pure. By trying hard not to sin, and asking God for forgiveness when we do sin, we are keeping our wicks trimmed. So when we leave church this week, let's remember that we have been called to be the salt and light of our world. (See you Louise)

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