POSTED January 30, 1998


By Louise Ferry
911 Matt. 22:34-48 PUPPETS=Grandpa & Butch

GRANDPA Butch, what was one of the first things you learned when you where little?

BUTCH: I learned how to count. Why?

GRANDPA: In other words, you learned about numbers?

BUTCH: That's right. You know, 1, 2, 3 and so on.

GRANDPA: Well, in not too long all places will have 3 numbers that will be so important. Some places have them already.

BUTCH: What numbers are they grandpa?

GRANDPA: Those 3 numbers are 911.

BUTCH: Why is 911 important, grandpa?

GRANDPA: All over America it is becoming the emergency number. If you live over in Auburn you dial 911 now if you have an emergency.

BUTCH: What about right here in Garrett?

GRANDPA: You dial the same number.

BUTCH: But what if you need someone else, or you live in a different area?

GRANDPA: That's the reason 911 is so important. One of these days everyone will have 911, so that no matter where you live you call the same number.

BUTCH: That is important.

GRANDPA: Many people's lives have been saved because someone called 911.

BUTCH: But what if we dialed 911 and nobody answered? What if we lived in a world in which people did not care for one another?

GRANDPA: That would be terrible. I'm glad there are people who care. Jesus cares.

BUTCH: Grandma cares. She wants to take care of you and me.

GRANDPA: Jesus wants to take care of us too.

BUTCH: I know. Our Sunday School teacher told us that Jesus said that the 2 most important rules in life are to love God and to love other people.

GRANDPA: Your teacher is right. We need to love God but also remember to love other people too, even grandma. See you next week.

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